To these I turn, in these I trust;

Brother Lead and Sister Steel.

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american gothic, angel, apocalyptica, avatar:the last airbender, being human, bitch slap, black boy, blade runner, buffy, community, complete works of shakespeare, constantine, crosswords, csi, doctor who, dollhouse, fantasy, fight club, finding nemo, firefly, fresh prince of bel-air, gabriel, ghostwriter, gilgamesh, ginger snaps 1+2, goosebumps, harry potter, historical fiction, horror, inception, johnny mnemonic, kidneythieves, l&o:ci, l&o:svu, law &order, legend of the seeker, listening to music, lord of the rings, mean girls, mindless self indulgence, misfits, modern tales of faerie, ncis, nosferatu, poetry, reading, repo! the genetic opera, repo!the genetic opera, rob zombie, romeo+juliet, sci-fi, scott pilgrim, serenity, shelby woo, sin city, spartacus: goa, spartacus:blood and sand, supernatural, surfing the net, the bible, the blue girl, the covenant, the craft, the crow, the dresden files, the iliad, the last vampire series, the matrix, the odyssey, the spirit, the tudors, torchwood, total recall, true blood, underworld, vampire diaries, watching movies, welcome to the dollhouse, writing poems
I like reading, writing poem and the first lines of novels, sleeping, listening to music, watching t.v, geeking out over things and reading fanfic.